Counting (Number Sense) - First Grade:
Counting Fish Game
Evens & Odds

Odd or Even - Exit Ticket

Monkey Driving - Evens & Odds Game

Ladybug Story - Evens & Odds

Practice with ARRAYS
Space Arrays - Multiplication

Drag & Drop - Multiplication

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S'mores Skip-counting & Doubles Practice:

More Doubles Practice:
Bridge Doubles

More Skip-Counting:
2 More Than

10 More 10 Less
Splat Square:

Making Tens
Math Lines (10)

Addition Story Problems

Base Tens Practice:

Starfall's Candy Machine

Starfall's Math Journey

Save the Whale

Place Value - Robot Game


Starfall -Make a Pizza

Pizza Fractions Game

Fraction Games

2D and 3D Shapes


Time Monster

Starfall Clocks

Hickory Dickory Dock Clocks

Telling Time Games


Time to Move -Fish Measuring Game

Length Strength Game

Math Pup Measurement

Measure It! FunBrain Game

Addition Games:

Boost your skills, try these timed tests online!

Fun For the Brain Subtraction

Fact Familes - Flower Power

$$$ Practice Counting Money $$$

Here is a poem to help you remember the value of each coin:

A Poem About Coins
By: Addie Gains

Penny, penny, easily spent
Copper brown, and worth one cent

Nickel, nickel, thick and fat
You're worth five cents I know that

Dime, dime, little and thin
I remember, you're worth ten

Quarter, quarter, big and bold
You're worth twenty-five I am told

Awesome website for generating your own coin-counting worksheets:

Comparing Money Game

Counting Money - Online Worksheets

Coins Printouts

Consumer Math - click on a "Consumer Math" topic, then Learn->Practice->Play->Explore

IXL 2nd Grade Money Practice

U.S. Mint for Kids - The history of money, the latest in coins, and fun money games

Adding 2-digit Numbers & Regrouping

Subtracting 2-digit Numbers & Regrouping

Multiplication Practice

Three Times Song

Matching Multiplication

Learning Multiplication Game

Practice Multiplication Sentences
Practice Multiplying up to 5
Practice Multiplying up to 10

Great Math Websites:

HSP Math

A+ Math

Cool Math for Kids

Math Cats

AAA Math - 2nd Grade

Count Us In

Free math worksheets - I use these in my classroom, great for extra practice in school and at home too!

Bitesize Math

Starship - Math

Math Dictionary

Math Radio